Ice cream maker.

kiwienglish, Dec 22, 7:47pm
Can anyone recommend one? I'm thinking about getting one for the family for Christmas?

clareo, Dec 23, 9:17am
We got a 2L cuisinart ice ceam maker last year. Gets used about once a week and usually the same recipe. The recipe book that came with it wasn't that great. But the machine itself works well and looks classy.

kiwienglish, Dec 23, 9:53am
Thanks, I'll have a look at that one

dolphin9, Dec 23, 10:23pm
I make ice cream all the time, my recipe is so simple without the need of ice cream maker and so successful that I don't understand why anyone would bother with a machine

kiwienglish, Mar 6, 4:53pm
What recipe do you use?