Ice Cream Maker

jamit, May 30, 3:09am
Has anyone got one and what is your opinion on them are they okay for children to make their own ice cream with

rog.e, May 30, 3:34am
I've for one -it makes a soft-serve type icecream.

I find it a bit of a bother having to freeze the inner container at least evernight plus make up the icecream recipe and put to chill in fridge for hours or ivernight. Then get it all together and turn it on when it churns and you can soon open the outlet to slowly catch soft-serve in dishes. Which to my mind need to be chilled to stop it melting too fast.

Maybe there are better ones on the market.

Only do on special ocassions now. Too lazy.

rog.e, May 30, 3:39am
Mine us aMISTRAL Whirly Cream makerand us sold as a Soft Serve Ice Cream amker.

msfit1, May 30, 6:50am
i used to have a great one that you put the whole unit in the freezer.

cookessentials, May 30, 7:44am
I have a Krups and it is easy to use - depends on the age of the child I guess.

greerg, Jun 20, 6:46pm
I have a magimix which is great. I just keep the bowl in the freezer so it is always cold when I need it. A small child would have trocuble with it though as removing the icecream completely does take a bit of effort - my arthritic thumbs protest quit a bit. By ten or so it should be no problem.