What's with the price of garlic?

Why does New Zealand garlic cost so much more than garlic that comes from China. Today in Countdown I noticed that a bag of Chinese garlic costs $3.99 whereas the equivalent in New Zealand costs $19.95. I would have thought it would cost more to transport garlic from China than locally.

Chef_dawnwoman, May 30, 7:45 pm

is Chinese garlic really any good ?

Chef_mouse_y, May 30, 7:47 pm

grow your own, very easy, even put in pots

Chef_kids4ever, May 30, 7:59 pm

It would still be good to know the reason why New Zealand garlic is more expensive.

Chef_dawnwoman, May 30, 8:16 pm

Well Chinese garlic is okay. I prefer New Zealand garlic.

Chef_dawnwoman, May 30, 8:18 pm

I prefer NZ garlic too, I buy mine from our local weekend market, a bit cheaper than the SM but not much. I really don't know why it is so expensive either and have bought the Chinese garlic on the odd occasion.

Chef_nauru, May 30, 8:28 pm

Given you don't need to use a ton of it , it doesn't work out that expensive.

I assume they grow a heap more in China than we can here hence the difference - also NZ garlic will possibly draw a larger price because it is just that. I find Chinese garlic sprouts - not that I have brought any for years now.

Chef_awoftam, May 30, 9:15 pm

NZ garlic still has the roots attached.

Chef_thewomble1, May 30, 9:55 pm

Yes indeed it does.

Chef_awoftam, May 30, 10:06 pm

Chinese garlic is GM and if you have wondered why it is so white in colour compared to NZ garlic it is because they bleach it with chemicals. NZ garlic is stronger in taste as well as it grows naturally and is not "forced" like the Chinesse product.

Chef_coach2, May 30, 10:13 pm

Yes have heard that too. NZ grown has way more flavour. I personally wont buy Chinese

Chef_hilt_dwane, May 30, 10:56 pm

Agree with you hilt_dwane. I wont touch the Chinese stuff. I want garlic not some GM, chemical riddled, adulterated product. In this instance you really do get what you pay for

Chef_coach2, May 30, 11:09 pm

It's very easy to grow! I put in 30 cloves last year and we have just finished the bulbs last week so lasted around 6 months. Im going to plant mine next weekend and put in double as we go through A LOT! They don't need a lot of space just like to be kept weed free and I didn't have buy special fungal treated garlic from a garden centre, just NZ grown from the fruit and vege store, worked brilliantly - they all came up :)

Chef_antoniab, May 31, 10:23 am

Found this on the net

It's back to the NZ garlic for me.

Chef_dawnwoman, May 31, 11:29 am

That sounds like a plan.

Chef_dawnwoman, May 31, 11:31 am

I use garlic at times for medicinal reasons but have only used the NZ one which is really good - potent.
I guess there is often something sinister behind stuff being too cheap.

Chef_dawnwoman, May 31, 11:35 am

Plant my own. Size varies but all good. Going to try shallots this year. My nana use to grow them instead of onions. Chillies are another plant to grow over the summer months. I see them for about $60 -$70 kg. You can always freeze them direct and use as required.

Chef_survivalkiwi, Jun 27, 2:19 pm

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