Suggestions please

I have been given some beautiful thick salmon steaks - can someone suggest a simple tasty way to cook these please?

Chef_sinclairsouth, Aug 5, 9:44 am

Have they ever been frozen or are they super fresh.


Chef_valentino, Aug 5, 10:48 am

They are frozen - does that make a difference?

Chef_sinclairsouth, Aug 5, 11:25 am

Great, yes it does with Salmon.

You can now eat this raw, if you wish (via a good marinade like raw beetroot) or have it so many different ways partially and fully cooked - that is dressed with variation of herbs and/or spices.

The general basic method is to lightly smear olive oil on all surfaces of salmon then cook each side about 3 minutes max over medium heat or under a grill. One can then add whatever you like for example a squeeze of lime or lemon, a nice herbal sprinkle mix, likewise a spice mix, a bed of fresh herbs with a dab of yoghurt and so on.

Just go with what suits your taste buds, they will tell you.

Cheers and all the best.

Chef_valentino, Aug 5, 1:24 pm

Salmon and orange juice are best buddies! Use it just like you would lemon juice/zest and add small slices (well trimmed to get rid of any pith etc) as a garnish. I discovered this when I had no fresh lemons but a few oranges and haven't looked back since. Add a little oil - olive or similar and cook simply - oven bake for short time or pan fry. Don't forget to get rid of those pesky bones first - eyebrow tweezers do a good job and a soak in a little lemon juices sans 'operation' should rid them of any lingering fishy smell.


Chef_sampa, Aug 5, 1:56 pm

This is an early recipe from Annabel Langbein & it's quick, simple & tasty.& my favourite way to eat salmon. It's Japanese style.
400g salmon fillet
1 egg white
1 tabs each of white & black sesame seeds
2 tbs oil
500g Udon noodles (or cooked spaghetti)
1/2 cup shredded Nori
2 spring onions
1 recipe Japanese dressing
Brush salmon with egg white & coat flesh side with a mixture of the seeds (doesn't matter if you don't have black seeds)
If you want to bake the fillets sear the seed side over high heat for 30 seconds & then 3 -4 minutes in a 200d C to just heat through. (I just pan fry it)
Prepare noodles & once cooked stir through a couple of tbs oil to prevent sticking. Mix through the shredded Nori, chopped spring onions & 3/4 of the Japanese dressing ( drizzle the remainder over the salmon to serve).

Japanese dressing
In a small jar mix together 3 tbsn.rice wine vinegar or white wine vinegar, 3 tbs salad or canola oil, 2 tbs water, 1 tbs soy sauce, 1 tsp Sesame oil & give it a good shake & there you have it.

Chef_samanya, Aug 5, 4:48 pm

Thanks a million folks - I have only just logged in after a busy day and am thrilled with your responses. I have three of these steaks so since I live alone I can thaw them out one at a time and try different methods at different times. Didn't want to share them with my two spoilt moggies as they already have venison as a large part of their diets!
Thanks again - I really appreciate you taking the trouble to respond to my query.

Chef_sinclairsouth, Aug 5, 8:05 pm

This is glorious and soooooo easy and quick. Its just stunning.

Chef_awoftam, Jan 21, 6:43 am

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