Whats the differences between muffins & cupcakes

I tend not to eat a lot of eggs (was allergic as a kid) so tend to eat more muffins than cupcakes because they tend to have less eggs. Recently seen recipes with up to 3 eggs in muffins. Now wondering what is the differences if it isn't lots of eggs?

Chef_lotsagiggles, Jul 15, 8:09 pm

Cup cakes are softer and stay fresher longer, although nothing wrong with micro. Cup cakes you beat sugar and butter first, whereas muffins you mix egg into the mixture, 3 eggs probably make the muffins softer. ?

Chef_lazkaz, Jul 15, 8:47 pm

Cupcakes have frosting, muffins don't.

Chef_red_scorpio, Jul 15, 9:14 pm

Well you often get savoury muffins. where as I have never seen any savoury cup cakes. Cup cakes you cream the butter and sugar like making a cake. Muffins you don't.

Chef_tippsey, Jul 15, 9:20 pm

My daughter baked & sold cupcakes. Yes they are sweeter but also she found that using oil instead of butter - they stayed fresh longer. And of course all that icing!

Chef_macandrosie, Jul 15, 10:12 pm

The mixture in them.

Chef_lythande1, Jul 16, 11:31 am

Cup cakes are cakes and muffins aren't. My recipe for wholemeal blueberry muffins mixes all the dry ingredients together and the liquid ingredients together just by stirring. Then the liquid is stirred into the dry until just mixed. You just put them into the patty tins and they fall out once cooked and turned over.

Cup cakes are more like small sponges. Personally, I find them disgustingly sweet and think that with all that coloured icing, toxic.

Chef_buzzy110, Mar 11, 5:57 am

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