Sausage & Egg Muffin - Low Carb

timturtle, Sep 25, 7:58am
Using good quality sausages (if wanting these to be low carb) remove the meat from the casings and add flavourings of choice, I like mixed herbs or curry powder, but the combinations are only limited by your tastes.

Line muffin tins with the sausage mixture, as you would with pastry, I use the Teflon ones, then crack an egg into the middle of it, make sure you have the right size pan or else the egg will overflow, or use less sausage meat for the lining.

Bake at 180 minutes for 30 mins.

These are a bit like scotch eggs but without the hassle of pre boiling the eggs and shelling them. Great for those fresh eggs that don’t peel ! Lol

Great for breakfast or a lunch with a side salad or even as a snack.

You could also beat the eggs and fill the lined tins like a quiche.

sampa, Sep 25, 8:05am
That's a fabulous idea, thanks!

awoftam, Sep 25, 8:06am
I do a similar thing but use bacon instead of sausage. Yummy.

timturtle, Sep 25, 8:11am
Yes I use bacon also

samanya, Sep 26, 3:51am
You guys rock!
I have so many eggs atm & apart from giving them away, I'm always looking for 'different' ideas. thanks.

pinnochio1, Sep 28, 2:45am
Is it possible to die of starvation, deciding which wonderful recipe I want to try next?

buzzy110, Sep 28, 3:39am
Brilliant recipe timturtle. I suppose, if one was keen, a small patty could be placed on top and tamped around the edges like a pie 'lid'. Then it would become an egg pie. Loving it and will definitely be trying this soon.

I can also see other variations to the fillings as well. Bacon and egg spring to mind.

sampa, Sep 29, 12:37am
I'm thinking of making them like that as a faster approach, less 'muckiness' involved, to Scotch Eggs which hubby loves. Just have to get hold of some decent quality sausage meat. our favourite butcher sold his shop and has moved to a different locale. :( Might have to go for a drive and pop in or see if I can convince him to courier an order down to me. Either that or dig out the mincer/sausage maker and have a go myself, been a while since I used it so might be fun.

kay141, Sep 29, 12:40am
I have trouble finding good sausage meat but often can find good sausages. Just squeeze them out of their skins.

sampa, Sep 29, 12:47am
Yes I do that - should have said so sorry. Sometimes in winter I use these 'squeezings' - is that the term to apply here? Anyway, I use them as a sub for meatballs and oven bake them drizzled with olive oil and herbs that love Italian food and serve them on pasta with a tomato based sauce with a good grating of parmesan. Always good when the urge for spag & meatballs hits but time is short. :)

kay141, Sep 29, 12:50am
I thought you might. I have a bag of tiny sausage balls in the freezer. All cooked and ready to add to whatever. Quite good in a vegetable puree soup.

sampa, Sep 29, 1:58am
Now that's a good idea, do I put them into 'zip lock' bags? I have a spare one the WB things came in.

awoftam, Sep 29, 2:21am
Re eggs, a few years ago when son was younger I found myself with heaps of 3 day old bread rolls, a ton of eggs and lots of hungry young men staying. I cut the top off the rolls, scooped out the bread, put some bacon, and a bit of capsicum in the bottom, broke an egg on, put a slice of tomato on top and baked them. 10 years on I still get asked to make them. Of course you can pop in whatever takes your fancy.

kay141, Sep 29, 2:28am
I make them a bit bigger than a marble, cook them, line a swiss roll tin or similar with cling film, put them on, not touching if possible, cover tightly with cling film and freeze. Once frozen, any sort of bag or container will do as long as it will stand being opened often. 1 packet of sausage meat made about 30 small balls. I didn't add anything but there is no reason why you couldn't if you wanted.

sampa, Sep 29, 3:01am
I was just teasing Kay - re your white bait comment - but the little sausage balls are a great idea. I can see all sorts of uses for them if I had a bag or two stashed away. Thanks.

sampa, Sep 29, 3:05am
Sounds yum. Necessity being the mother of invention and all that - sometimes the best things come out of it. I have a slight issue of making things up quite often as I cook which my family has got used to - the saying being - I hope you enjoyed that. don't expect me to make it again though.

kay141, Sep 29, 3:06am
I knew that. Did you wash it or do you want whitebait flavoured meatballs? Could be a new thing. Years ago, I bought oyster sausages from a butcher in Invercargill. They had minced oysters mixed with beef sausage meat. They were yummy. If Bluff oysters weren't so expensive, I'd make my own. Then again, the oysters would go a long way.

sampa, Sep 29, 3:12am
I wasn't really going to use it, given the price of white bait I maybe could have got 4 tiny meatballs in the bag. ;-)

We bought sausages with mussels in the mix once from Coromandel on one of our trips, can't say that we've re-visited that whim on subsequent trips although that particular butcher does other varieties that are lovely.

kay141, Sep 29, 3:36am
I've tried the mussel ones. Not that keen on them. What's the bet I forget about the sausages when the oyster season starts next year.

kclu, Sep 29, 4:24am
Great idea. I like Scotch eggs but not the making of them. Could use crumbed sausages?

timturtle, Sep 29, 6:30am
Klclu I can't see any reason why you couldn't but if you want crumb on the outside of the muffin I would butter the pan and swirl crumbs around before adding the sausage meat as your tin liner. Hope you understand what I mean.

timturtle, Sep 27, 11:54pm
If you can't get low carb sausage meat, you can buy mince and blitz it in a food processor and in fact this often works out far cheaper.

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