G/Daughter diagnosed as Gluten, Wheat, Egg & Dairy

kob, Mar 12, 6:58am
Intolerant, apart from veges, fruit and the obvious g/free bread products etc what foods can a 1 yr old eat

1wolfenstein, Mar 12, 7:06am
Rice. lots of rice you can make a pizza dough out of rice.
gf pasta, rice cruskits. but you will need to check all the gluten free products are egg and dairy free some are some are not. stick to fruit, vegies, fish, meat. Use gf flour or cornflour for baking there are lots of gluten, egg, dairy free recipes on the net.

ed65, Mar 12, 8:37am
I just posted this link in another thread but you might find it useful too http://www.gfme.co.nz/recipes.html

cgvl, Mar 12, 9:23am
you can use cauliflower as a base for pizza's instead of the usual flour base.
use Almond flour or Coconut flour also instead of wheat flours. eggs are a bit of a mission though. Dairy you can use soy based milks or rice and almond milks, Olive oil for spreads instead of butter and marge

frances1266, Mar 12, 9:25am
Check out vegan gluten free sites and you will find lots of dairyfree gluten free recipes.

ahaaaaa, Mar 12, 1:35pm
With entire food groups not being eaten I would want some expert advice to ensure there will be no nutrient deficiencies eg iron, calcium etc.

thejewellerybox, Mar 12, 7:34pm
Have a look at Elana's pantry for recipes, she has many that would work for her.

kenw1, Mar 12, 11:22pm
I hope it was a Doctor that acheived this diagnosis, not some snake oil peddler.

beaker59, Mar 13, 4:23am
I have to agree with this, allot of charlatans out there trying to impose their food beliefs on the masses.

kob, Mar 13, 4:44am
HI everyone
Yes she has been from dr, to dietician now just been for all the allergy tests at the allergin clinic.
We knew she was allergic to diary and have had her on soya milk for 3 months, but the others are like far out.
I did get it wrong she has allergies to these things not intolerances, apartently its different and more severe.
She possibly could be allergic to nuts as well so just trialing a whole lot of different foods to see if she likes them and will eat them.
Do you all know if any company sends out samples of these things as the prices are so huge and if she wont eat them or doesn't like it is a waste.
Do WINZ give out subsidies for special diets, my son works full time but my DIL is a SAHM.
She goes back to the dr on Tuesday to get finalsed results and will ask if there is any help for nutrician replacement and also for the exoensive foods.
Thanks for all your imput, ive been looking at the webistes you all mentioned plus googling like crazy.

kob, Mar 13, 4:45am
Gosh my spelling was terrible but im sure you get the idea of all above

cgvl, Mar 13, 6:05am
Kob she may be entitled to a special needs benefit (not sure that thats its name). It doesn't hurt to ask. I only know about wheat, gluten free as I have friends that are and if I am making something special I use almond flour instead of wheat flour.
They are fine eating meat and fruit and vegies but everything has to be made from scratch so they know what is in it. maize cornflour is fine for thickening but make sure its maize (corn) and not wheat cornflour. Be careful with places like Binn Inn as there can be cross contamination.

sweetgurl108, Mar 13, 6:40am
You may be entitled to a
- Disability Allowance (costs related to allergies that other people who aren't allergic do not have, and are not covered by your DHB. In some regions the DHB subsidies/provides gluten free food for those with diagnosis)
- Child Disability Allowance. This is for a child who needs constant care and attention. It is not means tested/income tested so recommend you apply to see if they will approve.

Please note the two allowances are not mutually exclusive so you may be able to get both depending on your situation. Apply as soon as possible because if you wait they won't backpay.

Good luck!

drsr, Mar 14, 8:41am
There is a Pharmac subsidy for gluten-free food but the patient has to be diagnosed coeliac by biopsy. http://www.coeliac.org.nz/pharmac-part-subsidy and your doctor should have a leaflet. There has been some research out lately suggesting that even if they test positive for allergy on a skin prick test, infants may still benefit from controlled exposure to those foods and may improve over time. See http://goo.gl/R0lrjV (slate.com article) for example. But talk to your doctor about it obviously.

kob, Dec 27, 12:11am
At the most!entire it is very new and a bit frightening
But km sure give it 6 !on the and it will be no problem.
The Dr is being very supportive so we will go with their advice for now and the kids will apply for wins subsidy to her out
Thanks for the help everyone

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