Sugar free marmalade

I have had lots of not yet ripe oranges blown off my tree and would like to make some sugar free marmalade as I am a type 2 diabetic. perhaps using a sugar substitute e.g stevia or the like - any recipes for me folks?
Thanks in advance.

Chef_doree36, Jun 15, 4:14 pm

Can't help you with a tried and true recipe doree but I found this recipe page ages ago and bookmarked it for later reference, link below. I rather fancied doing the MW recipe. They all look good anyway. You should be able to adapt any of them to the fruit of your choice.

Chef_nauru, Jun 15, 4:30 pm

To Nauru -
Thank you very much - think ill try the microwave one - I am nearly 80 so quick and easy is the way to go for me.

Chef_doree36, Jun 15, 4:47 pm

You are welcome, good on you doree for making your own, let me know how it turns out.

Chef_nauru, Jun 15, 6:38 pm

Ring your local hospital. Dieticians there have heaps of diabetic recipes and are usually happy to send copies to you. Almost sure they would have one for diabetic marmalade.

Chef_janbodean, May 27, 9:11 pm

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