Your Winter Comfort Food - Any Gems to Share?

Cassoulets, soups - or simple bangers and mash - fantastic beef sausies with a rich onion based gravy and mashed spuds laden with Parmesan - what is you most favourite comfort food - or "It's Winter and I Want That" food? And please share your recipes!

Chef_awoftam, Jun 19, 6:09 pm

Mine is Toad in the Hole and mashed tattys. If Im having gravy I wont put cheese in the tattys, but if I don't have gravy I pile in the cheese.

I love making soups, casseroles etc but I don't eat them

Chef_popeye333, Jun 19, 6:23 pm

Thank you for your contribution! Why won't you eat them?

Chef_awoftam, Jun 19, 6:26 pm

My bestest roast chicken:

Free range organic chickadee if possible.


Sour dough (or other stale bread crumbs) whizzed up
beaten egg
T melted butter
free range organic (if pos) streaky bacon, chopped
pine or pistachio nuts (or both) chopped roughly
small clove of garlic
oregano and/or thyme and/or sage

anything else you want to throw in (apart from hubby - unless he is free range and organic lol).

Stuff the chicken. And I mean stuff it. Full to bursting.

Rub chickybabe lovingly with lite olive oil and salt and some lemon juice if you want to make it extra spesch.

Heat oven to 210 degrees.
Pop chicken in for 20 minutes.

Add white wine (pref chardonnay if you have it), chicken stock, a bayleaf, carrot, water and other stuff to roasting tray (I throw in celery and cauly leaves if I have some) turn oven down to 180 and cook until done - about an additional 80 minutes,

Take chicken out (should be noice and crispy brown) and cover with tinfoil and a heavy towel (I use a beach towel) to keep warm.

Take veges out of pan, scoop of most of the fat and make a gravy (you know how).

Serve with the gravy, roast crispy spuds OR creamy mashed spuds, steamed veges and a Parmesany béchamel.

Farrrrrrrrrrrrrrk its awesome! (the comments I never fail to get lol)

Chef_awoftam, Jun 19, 6:30 pm

Risotto, soup (current fave is Jerusalem (f)artichoke) . love soup with fresh veg, rather than the old style stuff with the grains etc.
Wing it, really, depending on what I have on hand or in the garden.
Have a freezer full of sheep meat, so various casseroles & shock horror, I some times even add a packet mix. if I'm rushed or feeling lazy. Stir fries are still on the menu, with a bit of this & that from the garden. I try to have lettuce all year round & so far have succeeded, in spite of some horrendous frosts . I need fresh, green all year. I don't need to cook for others, so I can pretty much please myself . some days comfort food is cheese on toast & others it's a roast, roast veges with aoli.
Comfort food , for me, is just what I feel like on the day.

Chef_samanya, Jun 19, 7:00 pm

I absolutely hear you however naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I mean Comfort Food - food that transports you to a place full of memories of warmth and love and goodness.

Chef_awoftam, Jun 19, 7:07 pm

Ohhhh yum - I have had congee - ages ago and it was amazing. I had forgotten about it!

Chef_awoftam, Jun 19, 7:10 pm

Mashed potatoes with garlic and rosemary in it and a puddle of real butter on top:)

Chef_sally63, Jun 20, 1:25 pm

oops sorry.
Will have to think about that, I guess a G & T doesn't count ;o)

Chef_samanya, Jun 20, 1:40 pm

awoftam - thanks for reminding me about cassoulet. That is my most favouritist of all comfort foods for these cold winter days and I had forgotten about it - duh! I even put in a store of duck confit in anticipation.

Chef_buzzy110, Jun 20, 2:14 pm

If you like congee (I love it) you will like this:

Savoury Sticky Rice Casserole
Serves 4

2 c sticky rice – soak overnight & drain
½ c black mushrooms – soak 20 min
2 tab peanut oil
½ c chopped spring onions
1 tab chopped ginger
2 tab coarsely chopped garlic
4 Lap Cheong sausages, thinly sliced
200g water chestnuts or firm pumpkin, in chunks
150g c salted radish, rinsed and chopped
2 c fresh chicken stock
2 tab light soy sauce
1 tab Shaoxing wine
salt & pepper
1 c frozen peas

Squeeze mushrooms and remove stalks, chop caps.
Heat oil & fry spring onions, ginger & garlic 1 min. Add mushrooms, sausages, rice & water chestnuts & stir 3 min. Add stock, soy sauce, wine & salt & pepper & mix well. Cover & cook on low heat 15 min, stirring occasionally.

Add peas & transfer mixture to a heatproof bowl & cover. Place in steamer and steam gently 30 min.

Reheats well.

Chef_davidt4, Jun 20, 4:56 pm

Ha ha lol of course it does! Brilliant.

Chef_awoftam, Jun 20, 8:39 pm

oh this is cruel. Favourite comfort food - a toss-up between my mum's rice pudding. or chocolate self-saucing pudding with icecream and cream. And I would happily eat a huge serve of both right now!

Chef_fefeoc, Jun 20, 8:49 pm

Apple crisp pudding with cream . totally delicious on a cold winter evening

Chef_karlymouse, Jun 20, 9:23 pm

Recipe? Sounds oh la la!

Chef_awoftam, Jun 20, 10:10 pm

Share! Please. sou-
nds awesome.

Chef_awoftam, Jun 20, 10:11 pm

Cos of onions and the rest of the veges.

But I cannot stand the texture of onions, it makes my skin crawl.

I love making casseroles and vege soups etc tho. MrP doesn't understand how I can get the taste just right, without me actually tasting it.

Chef_popeye333, Jun 21, 6:15 pm

. and for breakfast the next morning. :-)

Chef_juliewn, Jun 21, 9:47 pm

Do you use Jo Seagar's recipe? It's delicious

Chef_sarahb5, Jun 22, 10:57 pm

Rice pudding - with cinnamon and orange - thick and creamy or fruit crumble with custard. Actually any pudding with custard to be honest!

Chef_sarahb5, Jun 22, 10:58 pm

For breakfast just for one - in a bowl 1/4 cup of rolled oats, 2 tsp splenda powder (instead of sugar), pinch of salt, 1/8th tsp cinnamon. Blend in a little hot water from the jug till it is like a thick batter in consistency. Add raisins or sultanas or diced apple if you want, and microwave for a minute or two. Before eating dollop on two big spoonfuls of Collective Dairy or Greek yoghurt.

Chef_mamabear, Jun 23, 4:30 pm

So porridge then basically?

Chef_sarahb5, Jun 23, 5:44 pm

My porridge doesn't usually have fruit and cinnamon in it. Sounds yum! I have written it on my list of brekkys to make.

Chef_awoftam, Jun 23, 6:32 pm

Mine does - either fresh or dried - grated apple, raisins, dates, cranberries, etc.

Chef_sarahb5, Jun 23, 7:13 pm

Well there you go! Great to see the diversity. My porridge is just that, with brown sugar (altho I use rice syrup now) butter and cream. OMG its terrible lol.

Chef_awoftam, Jun 23, 7:19 pm

And mine has never had butter in it and extremely rare that I would add cream or sugar - don't need to but vanilla essence and dates is yummy

Chef_sarahb5, Jun 23, 7:26 pm

Adding fruit would sweeten, wouldn't need sugar, esp if using dates. Sounds so yum, feel like making some now lol

Chef_awoftam, Jun 23, 7:31 pm

Exactly and dates with vanilla tastes like sticky toffee pudding!

Chef_sarahb5, May 7, 6:04 am

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