Fruit sponge type recipe - Make the night before.

Help - I need a recipe that I can do the night before its needed for a pudding (fruit sponge type), for a lunchtime main meal. I have a pitifully small oven and need all the space for the roast. So hence the cook in advance pud. Fruit on bottom, cake type top would be good. Thought I could get a Xmas pud from supermarket but none to be had. " Only at Xmas". (Self saucing no good because the sauce dries up when standing.)

Chef_coverdrive, Jun 28, 6:03 pm

Sorry coverdrive, not a recipe of the type that you asked for but some suggestions for alternatives. Firstly thought do you have access to a slowcooker/Crock-pot? If so I suggest that you use it to either make, then reheat a Christmas/Fruit Pudding or alternatively use it to make a self-saucing pudding. Here's a recipe that you might like to try:-

I haven't tried the pudding above however I do recall seeing it being made on TV and I also recall that some posters here on the Recipe MB did try the recipe and gave positive feedback re the pudding.

Hope that helps. :-))

Chef_245sam, Jun 28, 6:16 pm

Ah. Just what I need. I will haul the slow cooker out from the garage (having earthquake repairs done so it is a storage space for now) and do that. Thanks heaps!

Chef_coverdrive, Jun 28, 6:20 pm

You're most welcome coverdrive.
Hope your luncheon goes well and your earthquake repairs too. We are still waiting and not likely to have definite decisions let alone actual repairs/rebuild before the 5th anniversary in September. :-))

Chef_245sam, Jun 28, 7:26 pm

Fruit sponge Edmonds book is good

Chef_rainrain1, Apr 26, 8:58 pm

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