Storing sliced vegetables?

I want to slice up some carrots, onion, broccoli, and cauliflower today and use some tomorrow and some the next day. Can I do this ok and put in in a container in the fridge? Would I have to put them in water.

Chef_rusty-bones, Jan 26, 1:33 pm

sure you can., plastic bag or container.

Chef_lilyfield, Jan 26, 5:04 pm

i agree with lilyfield. I like my veges straight from the garden . but I get through so many grated carrots, that I often grate more than I need for one meal, so pop them into a small Pyrex bowl with a sealable lid & they last very well for a couple of days

Chef_samanya, Jan 26, 6:13 pm

Great thanks guys.

Chef_rusty-bones, Apr 21, 11:08 pm

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