Homemade marmalade.

Now we do need your recipe too of course :)

Chef_uli, Aug 3, 5:46 pm

An old post I know, but just wanted to thank buzzy110 for the advise about the rolling boil. Have never been successful with making marmalade and now I know why. just made a batch of orange/lemon/ginger marmalade and boiled the bejezuz out of it. Scary stuff but success, so thank you. Finger licking good

Chef_westigal, Aug 4, 6:15 pm

Thanks for bumping westigal, could you possibly share your recipe for orange/lemon/ginger marmalade, i can't eat grapefruit, so always searching for marmalade made without it.

Chef_kay34, Aug 4, 6:28 pm

Hey me too, I just bumped this thread last night and made some today and it worked ! Cheers !

Chef_poppysinger2, Aug 4, 6:29 pm

Westigal - could I please have your orange/lemon/ginger marmalade recipe. My husband loves marmalade but is not able to have grapefruit because of the medication he is on. Many thanks.

Chef_ffloss, Aug 4, 8:33 pm

To save some work, try this recipe. I have used only grapefruit, as we have a tree. I've also used grapefruit and oranges when I was given some. No need for pectin as the citrus fruit will ensure a good set, providing you do a rolling boil (not a simmer).

Marmalade – Easy
• 1.5 kg citrus fruit
• 2 litres water
• 1.5kg sugar

Wash the whole fruit, then put in the pot (whole) with the water and brisk boil it for about 90minutes with the lid on if using grapefruit. Less if using small oranges.
Cool then process the fruit only in a food processor but retain the liquid.
Return the pulp to the liquid, stir and measure.
Add to preserving pan adding one cup of sugar for one cup of pulp mixture.
Boil for 15 – 20 minutes with the lid off.
Test (on a saucer in freezer or fridge) and skim or add knob of butter.
As we don't like our marmalade too sweet I tend to use less sugar, but taste test to be sure.
This method doesn't have any big solid bits in the marmalade but is very tasty as it's full of fruit.

Chef_rai5, Aug 4, 9:24 pm

This makes a large amount but you can adjust it to suit:
6 large grapefruit but I use a mix of lemons, limes, and oranges to the value of the grapefruit.
9 cups water
3kg sugar use less if you don't want it too sweet
1-2 packets of crystallised ginger optional.
I have never weighed the grapefruit but would hazard a guess that it would be close to 3kg. Also make sure some of the fruit is slightly unripe as it helps with setting.
This recipe is also in the diabetic baking thread.

Chef_cgvl, Aug 4, 9:29 pm

yum yum, homemade bread and my marmalade for dinner. One of the perks of living alone.
6 med sized oranges finely sliced ( I used a v slicer/mandolin) straight into large bowl
3 large lemons finely slices.
Pips and all, into same bowl. (I don't mind pips in my marmalade)
Enough water to just cover, and soak overnight.(Ok 2 nights I forgot about it)
Measure as you pour it into pot . I had 9 large cups of pulp/liquid combined.
Simmer until just soft about 40mins. Take of heat and Add 1c sugar for every cup of liquid . Use same cup as you used to measure liquid (could probably get away with less, apparently the lemons help it set)
Finely grate as much fresh green ginger as you like, I used about four heaped tbsp. and add to pot, stirring to dissolve sugar, bring to a ROLLING boil. STIR FREQUENTLY TO STOP BURNING (very important)
I found that after about 15 minutes the marmalade changed from a bubbling boil to a foamy boil if that makes sense, on testing it had reached setting point. Hadn't noticed that change before.
remove from heat and let sit 10mins before putting in jars, stops slices from raising to the top. 9 c of starting liquid resulted in 11 1/2 300ml jars of marmalade. Will probably put in more ginger next time, nice and mellow at the moment, will try a bit more next time for a bit more zing.
Made some with a rosemary sprig in as well, supposed to be lovely as a glaze on ham and pork, so thought I would give it a go.
Wait until spoon cools before licking, its hot! Enjoy

Chef_westigal, Aug 4, 10:24 pm

There's a nice Maori guy renting a house up the road from me with really old Grapefruit, lemons, clementines and oranges and they are huge and to die for so I go and collect what I need every so often and give him a jar or two of marmalade. He reckons it's the 'bestest marmalade I ever tasted Miss! that first jar didn't last the night I ate it with a spoon" . LOL!
(Mrs Banni)

Chef_banni68, Aug 5, 2:43 pm

Citrus jelly can be made the same as any other jelly such as crab-apple. Peel is removed without pith, cut into strips and boiled separately until soft. This is added to the sugar and strained liquid mixture just before setting stage and pouring into sterile jars. It is an old NZ Woman's Weekly recipe. I have only made it with grapefruit.

Chef_kclu, Aug 5, 5:11 pm

I recently saw homemade marmalade being sold where the jam looks very transparent, with a bit of fruit. however, my homemade marmalade is thick with hardly any jelly. why is this?

Chef_hoonguek, Aug 20, 3:28 pm

Lol. Your marmalade is made with love and care and a concern for taste and texture. The other marmalade is obviously made to turn a profit so it has more water added and less fruit. It will probably taste very, very sweet and not much else. Pectin would have been added to help make it set. Large companies make jam and marmalade similarly, only with fillers to give their product more body.

Chef_buzzy110, Aug 20, 3:32 pm

phew, thank u buzzy now I know I made it right. haha

Chef_hoonguek, Aug 20, 3:58 pm

hoonguek. I would love to try your recipe. I just tried to make grapefruit marmalade for the first time and failed miserably. so any help and advise would be greatly appreciated!

Chef_52many, Aug 20, 5:14 pm

52many if you add a grated apple say a granny smith to your jam you cant taste it and the jam will set well . we all make mistakes with jam when first married husband brought home pounds of dried aprcots and told me to make jam out of them so following the daisy book i boiled them up and added the sugar which all stuck to the bottom of the pan . book did not say stirr as adding sugar . i hid the pot in the chook run where the chooks pecked all the burnt jam off the bottom . enjoy your cooking . you have to cook to eat

Chef_whitehead., Aug 20, 5:27 pm

One of the problems I encountered when first making jams and marmalade was my reluctance to bring it to a full rolling boil. It would be boiling for sure, but it had to be much hotter. Once I'd overcome that problem, my jam and marmalade making went from strength to strength and it cooked to setting stage much faster. You just have to keep stirring to prevent burning. The recipe you choose is basically irrelevant imo. Choose one that you think you will like and go for it.

Just for information's sake. I have plenty of citrus fruit so I tend to use much more fruit than recipes state. Can't see the reason for just 1 or 2kg of fruit when I can have a whole bucket full, for the same amount of water (just barely covering the prepared fruit) and sugar. There is always a lot of juice as well so the amount of water goes down accordingly. The citrus flavour is much more intense that way.

Chef_buzzy110, Aug 20, 5:30 pm

do leave the skin on the apple the pectin is in there to set your jam

Chef_whitehead., Aug 20, 6:43 pm

Here is my recipe from the edmonds cook book from years ago

Grapefruit marmalade

4 large grapefruit
2 lemons
12 cups water or 3 litres
12 cups sugar (l only put in 11 cups sugar)

l make sure that some of the grapefruit/lemons are not too ripe
slice or whizz up fruit and cover with the water and leave sit overnight, this time mine sat for 24hrs as l didn't have time to do it before

Next day boil briskly until fruit is soft and pulpy about 40 minutes

Add sugar and bring quickly to the boil and boil for 30 minutes Test

l use a skinny bottom pot to get the good boil as the double bottomed pots don't get as hot and l have no problem with getting a good set every time but l wait until the mix is very thick before testing

But you have to watch it doesn't catch with the skinny bottomed pot

Good Luck

Chef_griffo4, Aug 20, 7:46 pm

Oh thanks everyone for your positive input. it's really much appreciated. I have made plum jam, strawberry jam, lemon honey and feijoa chutney and never had a problem but this marmalade stuff has done my head in, lol! Can I just chuck it all back into the pot (from the jars), add a couple of lemons & a granny smith and try again or do you think I should start over? I actually did add a couple of extra grapefruit.

Chef_52many, Aug 21, 6:10 pm

52many . sorry I just got back on TM and saw yr message. here goes a very easy recipe that I hv made 4 times already because its a small qty and doesn't stress me up.
• 3 lge grapefruit (800 gms)
• 600 gms sugar
Boil the grapefruit for 30 minutes, drain, then allow to cool.
Cut grapefruit in half then into fine or chunky slices, as you prefer.
Weigh the fruit then add three-quarters of its weight in sugar (3 grapefruit should give you about 800 gms of fruit, requiring 600 gms of sugar).
Place in a large saucepan and heat slowly until the sugar melts, stirring continuously. Simmer for 40 minutes, stirring, or until the marmalade starts to jell.
Pour into hot, clean jars and seal. Makes about three 400 gm jars

let me know how it goes. cheers

Chef_hoonguek, Aug 22, 12:38 pm

I've made that recipe many times in the past, but because I hate sweet marmalade, left out at least 1/3 if not more of the sugar for a bitter taste. Still sets.

Chef_kaddiew, Aug 22, 12:58 pm

I use my breadmaker, makes perfect jam every time

Chef_wayleggo2, Aug 22, 5:10 pm

kaddie this year l had to use mainly partially ripe grapefruit due to the possums knocking them off the trees and so they are bitter enough and it is not too sweet just how we like it but some marmalades are way too sweet even for me and my sweet tooth

Chef_griffo4, Aug 22, 6:17 pm

thanks hoonguek for the recipe. I have a work mate who has an abundance of grapefruit and is always giving me some. I had been wanting to find a way to thank him for his genorosity. I really like his grapefruits, they are plump and juicy and has incredibly thin skins. I do worry the skins may not have enough pectin to set the mixture though.

Chef_deus701, Jan 25, 7:08 am

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