Chicken casserole recipes

would this recipe feed 4 or 6 people. does anyone know please.

Chef_may321, Jan 20, 7:25 pm

Does anybody have any nice ones. Want to make use of some chicken drumsticks in the freezer.TIA Carol

Chef_carol113, May 31, 8:26 am

Apricot chicken, tin of apricots, packet of onion soup. Some onions.
We made it at intermediate, but I actually still like it!

Chef_huggy5, May 31, 1:42 pm

2 TBSP each of: honey, soya sauce, worchester sauce, tomato sauce and vinegar. Mix together and pour over chicken (placed skin side up) in casserole dish. Lid on and bake around 160-180C for an hour or so. Yum!

Chef_ruby2shoes, May 4, 6:15 am

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