evening all is anyone else having trouble with yogurt not setting at the moment have made four different flavours lately and not one off them have set

Chef_browncownz1, Jun 24, 7:15 pm

In an EasiYo container? Put more hot water in the outer container and even use warmer water to mix with the yoghurt powder.

Chef_waswoods, Jun 24, 7:25 pm

If it is very chilly in your kitchen overnight I think it will affect the set. I used to wrap my esiyo in a towel in our prev (freezing) house. If you have a space you can use in your hot water cupboard that could solve your problem.

Chef_fefeoc, Jun 24, 9:36 pm

I just leave mine in the maker without adding any more hot water if it has not set. At 24 hours it's still fine and usually really thick

Chef_cc_auck, Jul 4, 9:44 pm

Your container you are using may have a bug, or the water may also be contaminated.

Chef_pickles7, Jul 5, 6:54 pm

No problems here. I recommend the packets of yoghurt sold on TM. The Greek is delicious!

Chef_lindylambchops1, Apr 8, 1:59 pm

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