Can I freeze Havarti cheese & fruit yoghurt?

goldgurl_design, Dec 23, 7:44am
Just had my brothers girlfriend turn up with two huge boxes of various dairy products for us...most of the products I know about freezing...but what about fruit yoghut or calciyum type yoghurt - can I freeze that?

Also have a few blocks of havarti cheese, which I've had a nibble of and it's sooo soft and creamy, don't think it would grate well...what would be the best way of freezing it - or is it no good to freeze?

TIA :)

timetable, Dec 23, 7:52am
yep just make sure that you have it all well wrapped so that the air is limited as much as poss....what a blessing just before christmas - awesome!!!

goldgurl_design, Dec 23, 7:54am
ok, I've only opened one of the havarti cheeses, the others are still in their shrinkwraping(?)

Yes a real surprise and a real blessing, really thankful, the kids think they're in heaven, cos I never buy half the goodies that came in the boxes lol.

timetable, Dec 23, 8:05am
just pop the unopened cheeses in a plastic bag and then into an ice cream container and when ready to thaw, take out of the plastic bag and defrost in the fridge.. the yog will be fine to put down as is in the frezzer and will make a yummy frozen yog treat - especially on those hot summer days!!!

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