What size eggs do recipes call for?

When a recipe calls for an egg, what size eggs do people usually use? Size 6 or 7? This has always been a mystery to me!

Chef_carter441, Feb 6, 12:54 pm


Chef_lilyfield, Feb 6, 12:54 pm

6 or 7

Chef_rainrain1, Feb 6, 1:00 pm

2oz in old money! It was easy then to get the proportions 100% right when cooking sponges for example. Equal amounts of butter, sugar and eggs etc. (Not that I personally ever weigh or measure anything!)

Chef_socram, Feb 6, 1:56 pm

I use size 6 as a standard size for all my recipes. If I happen to have 5's or pullet eggs then I sometimes use 2.

Chef_cgvl, Feb 6, 2:10 pm

I always purchase 7s but I swear there is a mixture of 6s & 7s in the carton.
One of these days I will do some weighing cos there is quite a difference in price.

Chef_cleggyboy, Feb 6, 2:34 pm

The old 7s used to be very big and wouldn't be considered the right size egg for a recipe. But nowadays its so close to a 6, so would probably be fine.

Personally I've always bought jumbo eggs and that is that I use. Now I have my own hens, just what ever they lay. If the egg is little, I use two little eggs.

Chef_deanna14, Feb 6, 3:29 pm

I always buy size 7 - and these days they're no bigger than size 6 used to be.

Chef_kaddiew, Feb 6, 4:07 pm

Thanks people.

Chef_carter441, Feb 6, 5:07 pm

6 or 7 but I get cage free or free range eggs so the sizes are a bit variable - if a recipe says large eggs I just pick the biggest in the box

Chef_sarahb5, Mar 25, 6:12 am

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