Birchirs muesli, anyone have a good recipe

Just back from Fiji and missing the yummy Birchirs muesli the resort had in their breakfast buffet. Anyone got a good recipe that they have actually tried?

Chef_farma45, May 11, 7:05 pm

I have always used this one with the apple juice overnight which is the same as one Jamie Oliver makes . I never addded pan fried apples tho.

For winter fruits I just chop up any dried fruit to ones taste eg: peaches,apricots,prunes,cranbe-
rries,figs,pears, blueberrries etc. Place in bowl and just cover with hot water . Cover and leave overnight. It makes a real nice syrup and can use over muesli. This is also an interesting website.

Chef_irishkiwi5, May 11, 7:48 pm

I normally soak oats with half almond milk, half Apple juice and chopped dried apricot and sultanas. Then add yoghurt, and stewed fruit or whatever

Chef_poppy5791, May 11, 8:08 pm

In winter I make a variation that is half way between porridge and muesli - soak oats, apple, dates, nuts and cinnamon overnight in half almond milk and half water - in the morning you can either eat it like it is or cook it and have it hot

Chef_sarahb5, May 11, 9:33 pm

I soak rolled oats overnight in yoghurt and milk. I add sultanas and sometimes other dried fruit, cinnamon and almonds or whatever nuts I have available.

Chef_eastie3, May 11, 9:36 pm

I really Sophie Gray's recipe (Destitute Gourmet)
Serves 1-2
1/2 cup rolled oats
1/2 cup yoghurt, plain or flavoured
1/2 cup milk
1 Tbs honey
1 apple grated with skin on
Place all the ingredients in a bowl mix well and stand in the fridge overnight. In the morning the oats will be soft, sweet and fruity. Eat as is or add any of the following.
toasted nuts, fresh sliced fruit, berries, mashed banana, wheat germ, pumpkin or sunflower seeds., May 11, 11:03 pm

BirchEr , named after a Swiss nutrionist Bircher -Benner.

Chef_lilyfield, Aug 9, 5:06 am

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