Recipe for gluten free oat free muesli

motorbo, Aug 31, 9:58pm
does anyone have one???

cookessentials, Aug 31, 10:02pm
there is a GF one on the Muesli thread.

uli, Sep 1, 2:51am
well use no gluten flakes in the mix (wheat, oats, barley, rye) and you will be fine :)

frances1266, Sep 1, 2:53am
It is my understanding that Harroways organic rolled oats are gluten free but you will need to check this out.

herika, Sep 1, 5:39am
Harroways are very careful in all production areas of their rolled oats but they never claim they are gluten free :)

bedazzledjewels, Sep 1, 5:59am
Well I decided not to bother trying to find a substitute for cereal and bread.

motorbo, Sep 1, 6:25am
so what do you have for brekky then? i find i often need something quick and easy and i cant eat eggs every morning

nzbadger, Sep 26, 3:42am
Frozen Berries( thaw them the night before). Add honey, banana & yoghurt in the morning.

bedazzledjewels, Apr 17, 5:43pm
What do I have for brekkie? Eggs, fried mushrooms - gorgeous - every morning.