What do you have for breakfast?

Looking for quick easy salt/savoury ideas for times when I crave salt for breakfast so I don't get tempted to buy a pie!

Any ideas are highly appreciated :-)

Chef_mschicca, Jul 2, 11:32 am

Bacon, eggs, mushrooms and tomatoes all fried in butter.

Beef mince cooked the night before with onions and carrots, lots of Worcestershire Sauce. Serve with two poached eggs on top.

An omelette filled with spinach or mushrooms plus cheese and/or ham.

Scrambled eggs with bacon or ham.

Chef_davidt4, Jul 2, 11:37 am

In a recent post in here someone told us about anchovies on fried eggs. I've tried it and it is lovely.

Quicker would be cold smoked salmon with anchovies or olives.

You can eat what you want at breakfast actually. Just because there has been a huge push by big business to get people to think that desserts for breakfast (processed cereal with fruit, milk and sugar) is normal, doesn't mean you have to believe it.

Oatmeal with salt is savoury. Add some butter or cream if you like. Apparently it is quick in the mickey wave.

Heated up leftover stew.

At this time of the year, soup is an option.

Chef_buzzy110, Jul 2, 11:41 am

Poach 2 eggs.
Toast 2 slices of Vogel Bread
Butter toast and apply a good lashing of Vegemite
Put eggs on toast and add some ready made Mint Sauce.

Chef_snapperheadrkp, Jul 2, 11:45 am

Eggs, mushrooms, leftover veggies all fried in clarified butter. Takes me a maximum of ten minutes to get that in a plate.

Chef_bedazzledjewels, Jul 2, 11:45 am

Very valid point there - I think I needed to read that! Cheers :-)

Chef_mschicca, Jul 2, 12:01 pm

You could make a large dish of lasagna then cut it into squares once cool and freeze it for easy heat 'n eat meals any time of the day (or night) the urge hits, extra saltiness can be achieved by adding a few olives on the side. As said above - there are no 'rules' as to what can or should be eaten during the first part of the day. in fact quite a lot of the world think the Western idea of cereal is odd, many of them start their day with soup or some other savoury food instead.

Chef_sampa, Jul 2, 12:02 pm

But then I also need to add that left over and re-heated apple crumble has never gone astray as a breakfast option either. ;-)

Chef_sampa, Jul 2, 12:04 pm

Savoury breakfast I sometimes have Fix & Fogg's smoke and fire peanut butter on toast with sliced tomatoes sprinkled with salt, apparently its also good with cottage cheese but I can't bear the texture of cottage cheese. Omelettes are good - you can prepare the filling the night before and then just add it in the morning - I like mushrooms in mine. Fried cooked potatoes with an egg or two cracked on top - can add some chopped up bacon to the frying potatoes too.

Chef_sarahb5, Jul 2, 4:46 pm

I concur - rice pudding is also good if there's ever any left over

Chef_sarahb5, Jul 2, 4:46 pm

davidt4 is that Paleo? I really need to lose about 20kgs and just can't get started. I would love some help with it. Is is possible to private message?

Chef_petmacorpltd, Jul 2, 9:52 pm

It's not strict Paleo as Paleo excludes dairy products. Probably the most accurate label for the way our household eats is Primal. But yes, essentially no processed foods, no seed oils, no grains, few legumes, very little sugar. Lots of vegetables, moderate fruit, eggs, fish cheese and meat.

If you want to start a new thread about Primal/Paleo eating I will try to answer questions, and there are many more people on this message board who will help as well.

Chef_davidt4, Jul 3, 8:57 am

Here's a link to the web site for Whole 30, which is a strict Paleo eating plan that you follow for 30 days to re-set your diet.


Chef_davidt4, Apr 17, 4:49 am

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