Cheap meat that isn't fatty

so if fat does that then you have a liver problem, so attend to that with a course of milk thistle. Good quality red meat with marbled fat is good for you.

Chef_gabbysnana, May 1, 9:32 pm

Rabbit? If you can find some.
Topside is your best bet in beef, make your own mince

Chef_lilyfield, May 2, 8:20 am

If you don’t eat a lot of fat, you can be very sensitive to it.

About 20 years ago, I could (and would) eat an entire large pizza (8 slices) by myself. I went on a low-fat diet, promised myself if I stuck to it for 2 weeks, then I could order my pizza again… anyway, two weeks later, the much anticipated pizza delivered. It tasted so disgustingly fatty it made me feel quite sick. I made it through one slice and that was it.

Chef_mjhdeal, May 2, 10:53 am

Fizzy_Kiwi , I noticed your remark about low iron levels and wanted to recommend this product which I have used myself and found extremely good, there are about 40 positive reviews on this website. By the way, I am not connected with the product in any way but thought you might like to try it

Chef_rebecca18, Aug 29, 11:18 pm

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