Something cheap + yummy-go with roast-Bowl?

da_kerbsta1, Jun 25, 3:01am
Hi there,
I need some ideas for something to take to a roast dinner tonight.
I have a really nice serving bowl Ive been dying to use...
Needs to be reasonably priced, preferably with ingredients I already have most of?
Thank you!

jwatson, Jun 25, 3:16am
Does it have to be part of the main? If so, then I'd go with a salad or maybe bread rolls? You can really put anything in a bowl I guess lol. Otherwise take some sort of dessert in it, that way it won't matter what else the host has already made to go with the roast. You could do a fruit salad with custard etc

da_kerbsta1, Jun 25, 3:31am
Awesome thanks :)

tipsy_bl0nde, Jun 25, 4:00am
why not make potato boats. part boil some potatoes and slice in half spoon out the inside and mix this with cream cheese red onion and bacon. lay the cases out and fill back up with the mix and then cover top with cheese bake in the oven until nice and brown and cheese has started to brown. take with you and just warm up or put in their oven. its fantastic to take to roast dinners as you can never have enough roast veges :)

zub26, Jun 25, 4:02am
Veges in a cheese sauce.

cottagerose, Jun 25, 4:31am
What about yorkshire puddings made in patty tins. They are cheap to make and nice

uli, Jun 25, 4:33am
Vege stir-fry, mixed salad, anything with potatoes or anything with rice ... or just a dessert LOL :)

taratoo, Sep 6, 11:42am
How about a nice ratatouille? Yummy courgettes, eggplant, capsicum, onion, mushrooms, tomatoes, garlic, top with a shaving of Parmesan? Or try a mix of sautéed in butter and olive oil brussel sprouts, peeled & big chunks of eggplant, courgettes, halved mushrooms, garlic, splashed with balsamic, etc Or maybe Colcannon (mashed potatos with cabbage)