Best filling's for party sandwichs

Hi I'm making sandwichs for a party and wondered what the best filling's would be. It seems egg goes down well I don't eat eggs so do you just mash it up with mayo or what makes it taste yummy? I also thought of ham cheese lettuce maybe tomato but wondered about the soggy factor😃 chicken apricot rolls? Any ideas would be really helpful😄

Chef_scannell2, Apr 9, 7:20 pm

Club sandwiches , a cheese n onion n mayo mix, and some ham and lettuce would be nice. Or roast beef, chutney, lettuce and something

What about asparagus rolls

Chef_kirmag, Apr 9, 7:47 pm

Really depends who the party guests are going to be doesn't it? Always spread your bread with butter, even thinly, before you add fillings as it stops them getting so soggy. Chicken/smoked chicken and cranberry, tuna and cucumber and/or mayo, cheese and carrot, ham and mustard, cream cheese and relish, etc.

Chef_sarahb5, Apr 9, 10:08 pm

I use finely chopped sun dried tomatoes mixed with cream cheese for my tomato filling in the sandwiches instead of tomato slices.

Chef_jobb, Apr 10, 8:06 am

sprinkles, fairy bread

Chef_pickles7, Apr 10, 9:37 am

My 17 year old son, if he takes sandwiches to school at all, takes sprinkle sandwiches - mainly because they never go soggy, they're yum and make you very popular with your mates when you share!

Chef_sarahb5, Apr 10, 10:19 am

asparagus rolls
chicken rolls

one of the club sandwhich fillings which look great
1. luncheon in the food processor with a good chutney on one layer and
2. frozen peas, cooked, with a bit of butter and then food processor into a paste.

both are easy to spread - which means making the sandwiches is quick - and the sandwiches look good on the plate.

Also, i cut club sandwiches into 1/4s - triangles.
It means they you can leave the crusts on - therefore no waste in this regard.
1/3rds - fingers . means crusts off, and food wasted

Chef_duckmoon, Apr 11, 6:44 pm

cover with a damp paper towel, so they don't dry out

Chef_duckmoon, Apr 11, 6:44 pm

if you don't want ham and tomato (because of soggyness), then ham and egg is popular

Chef_duckmoon, Apr 11, 6:45 pm

salmon n cream cheese rolls
1 carton cream cheese
2 tins salmon ( smoked if you want )
handful chopped parsley
lemon juice
black pepper to taste.
put all in a blender and chill, cut crusts off the bread n butter, spred with mixture and roll up.

Chef_teddy147, Apr 11, 7:59 pm

I really love lemon honey and diced ginger mixed together in brown bread sandwiches cut into fingers, nice to add to a height tea

Chef_sgjvh, Apr 11, 9:06 pm

chicken, cream cheese and apricot jam, can use dried apricots if you want or cream cheese and crystallized ginger rolls

Chef_slimgym, Apr 12, 6:38 am

Smoked salmon and cream cheese
Rare beef, tomato and horseradish
Grated cheddar, spring onion and Mayo.
Ham off the bone, lettuce and whole grain mustard
Prawn, salad and Mayo.


Chef_gaspodetwd, Apr 12, 7:56 am

Anything with cream cheese always goes down well. Hope your party sandwiches went well.

Chef_deanna14, Apr 12, 3:24 pm

Chicken, cream cheese mixed with a little nutmeg and then topped with toasted almond slivers, num.

Chef_deanna14, Apr 12, 3:26 pm

My mum makes scrambled egg, waits till it cools and then makes her egg sandwiches. They are always very popular.
I tend to boil eggs, mash add seasoning and mix with salad dressing to stick together. Other ideas I do :
Egg & shaved ham
Cheese & onion mixed with a little boiled water to make the cheese stick together for a paste
Peanut butter and chopped celery
Cream cheese and thinly sliced cucumber

Chef_tramore, Apr 19, 5:29 pm

Yummy I love club sandwiches. I make ham, egg and lettuce. I always mash the eggs with a little mayo salt 'n' pepper and freshly fine chopped chives.
I do tomato ones as well but I take a lot of the mositure out of them by putting the tomatoes in between paper towels before using them.
Grated cheese ones with relish and roast beef would work as well.

Chef_kiwisportsgirl, Apr 19, 9:57 pm

Egg and ham are my absolute favourite! ! :)

Chef_lil_angel_kel, Apr 19, 10:30 pm

I have made a variation of these before - chicken always seems to go down well.

Chef_awoftam, Sep 30, 3:10 pm

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