Wedding cake questions: Strawberry sponge

17007, Nov 2, 9:05pm
cake!My niece would like one for her wedding cake.How would be the best way to ice one!Any experiences and advice would be welcomed.

auntlb, Nov 2, 9:11pm
sponge is not a heavy cake so probably would be more difficult to ice with fondant (not impossible if that is what they wanted) - I would probably use a buttercream or white choc ganache myself

biggles45, Nov 2, 9:17pm
As long as they don't want the traditional top layer for christening cake in the future, you could make the sponge the top layer, and ice it the same as the lower layers. It won't be taking any weight so wouldn't be a problem.

pickles7, Nov 2, 10:44pm
cream cheese icing and filling, would be so nice with strawberries .

pickles7, Nov 2, 10:44pm
cream cheese icing and filling, would be so nice with strawberries .
you only need 1 cake on show, have more in the kitchen to cut for guests.

vampiriousmist, Nov 2, 10:48pm
I love picklesidea of cream cheese icing. Sounds Devine :)

kiwitrish, Nov 2, 10:49pm
Totally agree.

duckmoon, Nov 2, 10:59pm
Also, when is it going to be baked

A traditional fruit cake can be made and iced weeks ahead,
A solid chocolate mud cake, days ahead

The morning of the wedding! (or day before) and no room for the cook in case it isn't perfect first time around

chicco2, Nov 3, 12:33am
Firstly, how many tiers! If more than 1, ask if she will consider another flavour for 1 or more of the other tiers. They can be baked 3 days ahead, crumb coated and have fondant applied, support dowels added and be ready for top tier. Bake sponge the day before. white chocolate gnache would be the best under the fondant as it sets firmly and will allow fondant to be applied. Just use a little sugar water over the gnache to wet it before applying the fondant. Good luck, I hope your niece has a fabulous wedding.

17007, Nov 3, 5:09am
Gosh I might suggest she have Strawberry Sponge for dessert - sounds a bit tight for my liking with the sponge - she actually wants red icing to go with her red roses.Or maybe get someone else to make it for her! Back to the drawing board - thank you for your comments.

vampiriousmist, Nov 3, 5:29am
I know someone who makes cakes and she is very good !

sarahb5, Nov 3, 6:13am
What about red velvet cake instead!

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