Cake shaped like a fish HELP

grosso12, Oct 28, 7:43am
My friend has asked me to make her husband a cake shaped like a fish. I can't find a tin, does anyone have any ideas or has anyone done this.


daisyhill, Oct 28, 8:16am

chicco2, Oct 28, 5:07pm
This might work. It should be greased well and then floured to help prevent sticking. Allow cake to fully cool before tipping out. Auction number

flagheaven, Oct 28, 6:06pm
watties doone - fish cake ! LOL

valentino, Oct 28, 6:47pm
Hmmm, nice wee LOL here, went to the Asian store (the old Mitre 10 store) in New Lynn, in their fish section, they have these Clown fish look-a-likes, very interesting as a gimmicking thing along with a few other items, all made of some sort of fishy items, must investigate further.

sclaredy_cat, Oct 29, 3:32am
here's a fishy themed one I did - I don't like hiring or buying tins so sometimes I have to get a bit creative - this one was fairly easy to do as well. Hope this works!!set=a.427747380608511.91608.426839600699289&type=3#!/photo.php!fbid=428051447244771&set=a.427747380608511.91608.426839600699289&type=3&theater

chicco2, Oct 29, 4:26am
Great cake sclaredy_cat.

tjman, Oct 29, 5:36am
Pay sclaredy-cat to make one.Hers was great

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