Revolting Cakes - for cake decorators

miri_s, Oct 25, 1:20am

chatsmom, Oct 25, 2:57am

chicco2, Oct 25, 3:24am
Pretty yuk. but amazing too.

miri_s, Oct 25, 3:36am
Yes, very impressive, indeed.

I'd be game enough to try these , but the intracardiac injection one and the std cupcakes look just too repulsive.

pickles7, Oct 25, 3:59am
cool thanks for the link.miri_s .

elliehen, Oct 25, 4:05am
They're on a par with this revolting cake which is actually served at children's Halloween parties.

dibble35, Oct 25, 4:41am
Thats just bad

miri_s, Oct 25, 5:06am

elliehen, Oct 25, 7:00am
It must be popular - a lot of versions here ;)

chicco2, Oct 25, 8:33am

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