replace golden syrup with honey for russian fudge?

daz.bev, Apr 19, 2:07am
I want to try russian fudge but have no golden syrup. Can I use honey or would the temp be too high? TIA

theanimal1, Apr 19, 2:09am
Russian Fudge (Microwave) 100g butter 1 cup white sugar 4 Tablespoons brown sugar 400gm can condensed milk 1 tsp vanilla essence Chop butter and place with sugars and milk in a large deep heat-proof glass microwave bowl. Microwave on high (100% power), stirring well every 3 minutes. Microwave for about 8 minutes in a 850 watt oven or 12 minutes in a 600 watt oven, until temperature on candy thermometer reaches 115 deg C or soft ball stage is reached and mixture is golden. Add vanilla and beat with a wooden spoon until mixture loses its gloss, about 5 mins. Pour into buttered tray. Cool then cut into slices

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