GOlden Syrup substitute??

pip4, Apr 15, 5:21am
I need to cook a choc cake but dont have any golden syrup... can I use a substitute? ? Would honey work? ?

margyr, Apr 15, 5:28am
honey would work, or just leave it out entirely.

pip4, Apr 15, 5:55am
Ok. . but wouldnt you need something to substitute the sweetness of GS?

lilyfield, Apr 15, 6:28am
I would use an extra egg. Don't substitute the sweetness. Kiwi cakes have always far too much sugar in them.

margyr, Apr 15, 6:48am
it will be sweet enough as lilyfield says, just add another egg. the golden syrup as well as sweetness possibly makes the choc cake gooey, i have made choc buttons and golden syrup together and it makes a sort of paste.

homelygirl0011, Apr 15, 7:00am
Try jam, any flavor will be good.

cgvl, Apr 15, 7:35am
golden syrup is used as an egg substitute so I would add aat least 1-2 eggs to mix.
I have 2 choc cake recipes one uses golden syrup and 1 egg the other uses 3 eggs and no golden syrup.

pip4, Apr 15, 8:06am
my recipe doesnt have eggs so I will try 2 eggs and see what happens. . or does anyone have a great choc cake recipe? ? ?

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