White Fluffy supermarket cake type icing/frosting?

macac, Oct 7, 11:51am
Anyone know the recipe for that white soft fluffy icing that supermarkets (New world in Palmy) use to ice cakes.I guess it has egg white. Not cream or mock cream.
Cheers Macac

pr1ncesswst, Oct 7, 7:20pm
i know the supermarkets in the SI and most large bakery chains use snow creme, icing sugar and water. Its the snow creme that makes it light and fluffy along with a huge amount of beating.

daisyhill, Oct 7, 11:07pm
This one has flour in it and looks very fluffy and delicious. I haven't tried it myself yet but have bookmarked it already for next time I make a cake.


ange164, Oct 8, 3:38am
I have tried it before daisy. in my opinion the vanilla version tasted and felt like a good version of mock cream. I'd flavor it differently if I wanted it to taste more like icing.
Marac, would the standard old "butter cream" icing not suit the job!
In the bakery where I worked years ago we just used icing sugar and water and some kind of vegetable fat to make an all purpose icing.

macac, Oct 8, 4:10am
It's a very light soft icing that stays soft. I think it has beaten egg whites as part of it.

daisyhill, Oct 8, 6:37am
Good to know! I really want to try this now but I am meant to be on a diet and fluffy iced cakes aren't meant to be part of that, heheh.

macac, Oct 9, 5:31am
Thanks a cool blog.

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