Rice cooker to cook barley or wheat?

turnbultart, Aug 17, 10:41pm
Good morning everyone. Just wondering if a rice cooker could cook barley or wheat in it! Currently cooking for chooks and wondered if this would work!

firemansgirl, Aug 18, 12:45am
Doesn't barley require a longer cook! I don't know about the wheat. I used to cook up barley years ago for my horse. My family didn't much appreciate the smell of it boiling in the kitchen. How about cooking it in a slow cooker!

turnbultart, Aug 18, 6:38am
Might have to but have little spare bench space and my slow cooker takes up most of it.Thanks for the reply.

krazy_kat, Aug 18, 8:07am
I cook my barley for my horses in a slow cooker.Hate the smell of it so its in the wash house.

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