Plain flour/SR flour.baking powder

chrisandray, Jul 24, 7:22pm
hi, can anyone please tell me how much baking powder to put in plain flour, if you don't have any self raising!thanks very much.

ange164, Jul 24, 7:42pm
1 teaspoon to one cup, Jul 24, 9:00pm
I second ange164 - I never buy SR flour just use plain and 1tsp bp per cup, works well.

cookessentials, Jul 24, 9:57pm
As per Margaret Fulton.2 LEVEL tsp per metric cup.

lx4000, Jul 24, 10:32pm
pending on what your making!

245sam, Jul 24, 10:47pm
chrisandray, as you can see opinions differ but if you're making items such as scones definitely go with the 2 tsp baking powder per 1 cup flour, otherwise you choose - I have noted that various cooks/chefs use anything between 1 and 2 tsp.:-))

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