Help.Need oven door cleaner.Have tried baking soda

clivehell, Jun 21, 4:25am
and water mixed to a paste.left on a few hours,doesn't work.
Any suggestions please.

jessie981, Jun 21, 6:32am
I use oven spray then Jiff & soap steel wool.

clivehell, Jun 21, 6:56am
Ta for that jessie981.Might give it a own fault.

shop-a-holic, Jun 21, 7:02am
Is this inside the door, or outside!
The only oven cleaner I recommend is Selleys. Unbelieveable results! Says it works in 4 mins; but I usually leave it for a couple of hours. Washes off in cold water - spotless.

angel404, Jun 21, 7:34am
Where do u buy that! and how much is it!

radark, Jun 21, 7:43am
use a paint scraping blade

carriebradshaw, Jun 21, 8:36am
I pay somebody to else to come and clean mine!

kinna54, Jun 21, 8:49am
DH cleans my oven. He often takes the door apart, as you can get a build up between the glass layers on the door, and it's impossible to clean any other way.

duckmoon, Jun 21, 8:56am
then spray with white vinegar.

I haven't cleaned by oven in years. I have a chemical hyper-sensitivitiy problem, so, physically can't do it with the chemicals.

Anyway, I this approach (paste of baking soda, then spray with white vinegar) and it only need a small amount of elbow grease

rusticedge, Sep 15, 9:04am
I use equal parts baking soda & washing soda made into a paste with water- spray oven down with water first then spread paste then keep paste damp - leave overnight. I ended up with my other half in hospital so didn't get to clean it for a few days - so I just sprayed the oven with water as I walked out the door - cleaned it great. no horrible chemical fumes

carlosjackal, Sep 15, 9:15am
Assuming it's the glass that you are trying to clean, Domestos is very good. We have an ILVE oven where the glass on the inside can be unscrewed and removed for cleaning and I soak it in hot water with Domeastos added and in no time at all it's sparkling clean. If you can't remove the glass then just carefully dob some Domestos on it and I'm sure you'll see how well and in no time at all how clean it brings it up. Good luck :)

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