Your favourite cake for a girly morning tea?

jimbob37, Jul 15, 1:00am
What would it be!

molly37, Jul 15, 1:01am
Lemon and poppy seed cake. Or lemon sour cream cake. Or pretty decorated cupcakes.

sharon31, Jul 15, 1:40am
Carrot cake or lamingtons, are my all time favourites

elliehen, Jul 15, 1:43am
Sour cream cinnamon/walnut coffee cake (not coffee flavour)

carriebradshaw, Jul 15, 1:43am
Orange and poppy seed cake.

sarahb5, Jul 15, 2:29am
Marble cake with pink icing and sprinkles

holly-rocks, Jul 15, 2:54am
chocolate mud cake :)

dreamers, Jul 15, 3:09am
Armenian nut cake

kjr64, Jul 15, 3:20am
Rainbow cake :)

r-mvz, Jul 15, 3:24am

usualsuspect, Jul 15, 10:29am
american brownies and choc eclairs or victoria sponge

kinna54, Jul 15, 10:41am
Little strawberry tarts.or for a large cake it would have to be fresh cream filled chocolate sponge.

joshlloyd, Jul 15, 11:02am
I love good old Banana Cake, my hubby hates it :(

matakatia, Jul 15, 11:11am

applesmum, Jul 15, 3:13pm
Hummingbird cake is soooo yum and nice with coffee and or tea

flo16, Jul 15, 7:53pm
sponge drops

dezzie, Jul 15, 8:24pm
if thats meant to say nutmeg cake.then yes, I agree.

kara101, Jul 16, 6:33am
Whoopie pies, from the box.Betty Crocker the chocolate ones are yummy.

waswoods, Jul 16, 6:57am
Chocolate cupcakes in pink wrappers with pink butter cream icing and gold or silver edible sprinkles

nabbed, Jul 16, 8:47am
my famous sponge (they usually ask for it)

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