Mince, egg & baked bean pie!

biggles45, Jul 9, 8:17am
Yum! Looks awesome.

deflatedpumpkin, Jul 9, 9:34am
it was SO awesome!wished that we'd made TWO each lol

kiwitrish, Jul 9, 10:16pm
That looks so good.Going to give it a try.Thanks for the recipe.

rainrain1, Jul 9, 10:53pm
hee hee

gerry64, Jul 9, 11:39pm
deflated pumpkin the pastry looks so yummy - cant get any decentready rolled pastry over here in Oz

deflatedpumpkin, Jul 10, 4:07am
it's not ready-rolled :) just a block of good ol' pams flaky pastry, and a good solid rolling pin :P

gerry64, Jul 10, 5:09am
Ive tried that over here as well YUK -someone from over home needs to come over and give the Ozzies a lesson

deflatedpumpkin, Jul 11, 7:42am
lol get some couriered over there!

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