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vintagekitty, Apr 26, 8:09am
anyone watching it - what do you think!. I love it, so much better than masterchef!.

battgirl, Apr 26, 8:11am
Love it too! Early money for me is on the chick with the cupcake tatt on her neck. Don't hold out much hope for thepoo cupcakes or deconstructed baked Alaska though!

bedazzledjewels, Apr 26, 8:11am
Yes, I'm watching. I feel sorry for them coping with such a hot kitchen.

vintagekitty, Apr 26, 8:15am
it;s colins hotness thats giving off the heat lol.Yeah Battgirl, the woman with the tattoo is good and the smug looking mumsie looking one with the bob who did the macaroons and the cupcakes.

battgirl, Apr 26, 8:22am
they were good looking macaroons. And Colin is about as hot as that weird muddy looking sorbet that went with the poo cupcakes. Like the "sparkle" he brings to the show though, cos Dean has the personality of a wooden spoon.

falcon-hell, Apr 26, 8:46am
battgirl-you are right about deans personality,man he's bland.

duckmoon, Apr 26, 11:02am
Mad mad mad to make them cook in such a hot kitchen

rainrain1, Apr 26, 7:55pm
I feel like I'm watching a whole lot of Betty Boop Cartoon Bakers, with their funny aprons and's a bit of a joke isn't it!

falcon-hell, Apr 26, 8:03pm
yeah thats what i thought too,and at the end there were a few contestants that didn't even feature in the show at all-who was the older grey haired lady! they should all have a bit of tv time shouldn't they! it was almost predictable who was going through to the next round.

barbs77, Apr 26, 9:16pm
I am really over the vintage housewife cupcake trend. Yawn.
The auditioned 1000 people and that is the best they came up with!

mwood, Apr 26, 9:42pm
what was with the blue cupcakes and the failed ginga cake ! - what about the food we did not see ! - was this NZ's next top model !LOL

vintagekitty, Apr 26, 9:48pm
LOL!, I did wonder about the chosen contestants, they are all abit 'vanilla". I hope it keeps my interest.

hmck, Apr 26, 9:48pm
Ah yes - the poo cupcakes - I didn't see a lot after that - I was too busy howling with laughter.Those twins were pretty bad too.

indy95, Apr 26, 9:55pm
The " 1950s perfect housewife " format is overdone and tired to the point of being ludicrous but I still watch it in the hope of picking up some pearls of baking wisdom from the judges, in particular Dean. It really should be obvious that the studio " kitchen " is very hot and adjustments need to be made accordingly. I thought the UK baking contest which screened last year was a much better programme with higher production standards.

bedazzledjewels, Apr 26, 10:07pm
The UK version was far superior - again.
Yes to being over damn cupcakes. Surely they're not that hard to make! Boring!

spot20, Apr 26, 10:34pm
Yes wouldnt you think they would keep the temp cool as poss for successful baking!

jimbob37, Apr 26, 10:49pm
I guess with 20 ovens and studio lighting - pretty hard to keep it cool.You'd think they'd warn the contestants about that.

fifie, Apr 26, 11:27pm
The contestants must have watched earlier shows and know its hot in the kitchen, so why not choose carefully what they make, I'm so over cupcakes, poor lot i recon hope it can hold my interest throughout the programme lets see some creativity for a change, maybe next week will be better now the nerves are out if the way.

barbs77, Apr 26, 11:28pm
The British show was fantastic. No beehive hairdo's or red lippy in sight.

rainrain1, Apr 26, 11:52pm
Cup cakes with mile high icing, sickly chocolate brownie that is on every pub menu in NZ, those yucky stuck together pink and purple things which taste revolting.who eats all that cr*p anyway!

kokopuff, Apr 27, 12:17am
i like Esme i have high hopes of her winning and i also like Mel.

vintagekitty, Apr 27, 12:51am
I do on occasion. Dont you ever go out with friends for coffee and cake!.
The show is NZ hottest HOME BAKER, that features, um BAKING

vintagekitty, Apr 27, 12:52am
Which one is Esme again!. Actually is there a link!

daleaway, Apr 27, 12:55am
I wish it were more about the baking and less about trying to find personalities and drama.
And I agree with #9 - what's with showing us some contestants at length and completely ignoring others!
Have they picked all their heroes and villains, winners and losers, before the programme has even begun!

vintagekitty, Apr 27, 12:58am
yeah, but it's reality TV, without those "hooks" it's just another cooking show

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