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sleyle, Mar 19, 2:20am
Did anyone hear the question for this week? I can't get More FM on my car radio :-(

Whose gonna win? My vote is Emma - Toni irritates me.

sleyle, Mar 19, 5:12am
Bumping for the bakers!

angie461, Mar 19, 5:12am
Id love the question as well, would love a shot at th prize! !

eastie3, Mar 19, 5:20am
Sorry, I don't know the question on More FM.

Toni is technically strong, and has great presentation of her food. She is also very calm and methodical, and I think these qualities appeal to the judges. I heard one of them refer to her family responsibilities, which I thought was irrelevant to the competition. Emma is a worthy finalist too, and I will be watching the final with great interest. I'm a better cook than I am a baker, so I'm finding the tips quite helpful.

rrrg, Mar 19, 6:11am
I hope Emma wins too

bedazzledjewels, Mar 19, 6:15am
I agree that Emma will probably win.
However I've been very impressed with Toni's ability to produce beautiful-looking gluten free and lactose free offerings.
That can't be easy!

I've enjoyed the programme and hope they do another series. Baking is something of a dying art these days.

sleyle, Mar 19, 7:44am
Bumping for the question please!

sleyle, Mar 19, 9:09pm
One last bump PLEASE!

sleyle, Mar 20, 9:11pm
Where have the friendly helpful people from recipes gone?

alebix, Mar 20, 10:09pm
I guess not everyone listens to that radio station?

I would prefer Emma to win.

runeaholics, Mar 21, 2:45am
I found a website last time that listed the question on it... let me try and see if I can find it! ! !


homelygirl0011, Mar 21, 3:40am
i know who I like to win, its Toni, I like the way she uses, gluten free products, and she's not a show off. You go girlfriend.

sleyle, Mar 21, 3:47am
Thanks for that but that question is last week's question. They only way we can find out last weeks is if any kind person who listed to More FM let's us know. Thank you anyway :-)

sleyle, Mar 21, 3:48am
I try to be near the radio at 2. 30pm to listen to that station but a) it's a terrible time of the day and b) the buggers don't ask the question bang on 2. 30pm like they advertise which irritates me!

Did you hear the question by any chance?

fmgirl, Mar 21, 4:50am
I'd like to see Emma win I've enjoyed her baking through out the competition. So glad Courtney has gone she was so awful in front of the camera.

sleyle, Mar 21, 4:53am
True that Courtney was a bit of a pain, in fact I think they are all strange, Toni and her holier than thou image and funny small teeth and Emma with her authoritative voice and slight shaking of her head when she talks! Picky I am but they are pet peeves lol!

Still waiting for some kind soul to give us the question for this week!

alebix, Mar 21, 6:46am
Sorry sleyle, I dont have the answer for you.

If Amy stayed in the competition, I think the end would be so different... .
Amy was the first one kicked off... .

tessie34, Mar 21, 9:54pm
Slice recipes please for hungary Uni students who have asked Nanna for something to eat. Havent baked for a long time and shifted severaltimes as well. The easier the better. Many Thanks.

nzsweetie, Mar 21, 11:58pm
I want emma to win, i think she is great, i don't like Toni, i think she is quite strange, go EMMA lol

Sorry don't have the question either.

hutchk, Mar 22, 12:16am
Bring back Gayson! Poor old Colon Mahatma-Jalfrezi has nobody to outrageously flirt with anymore, and now stands slightly off camera eating icing by the cup full and sulking.

poppy62, Mar 22, 8:11am
Personally I didn't think much of Grayson - that lovely old dear that was a dab hand with a piping bag had to go home before he did and in my eyes - she was far superior!

andrea1978, Mar 22, 8:15am
I only watched one show when there were the three women left and I LOVED courtney! She was the only one that had a great personality for tv - very fun and happy! Sad to hear she left after winning that week (that I watched)!

sleyle, Mar 22, 9:37am
Yeah Courtney was good in front of the cameras, that is what she wanted, to have a tv career in baking.

lizab, Mar 22, 7:29pm
I didn't like the way Courtney answered questions ... she spoke so quickly and just bluffed her way through any criticism - drove me nuts! ! !

sleyle, Mar 23, 3:00am
Yeah I do agree with you there lizab!

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