Nestle Caramel Bits

dbab, Jul 9, 3:18am
Have made the cookies from the recipe on the packet. Very tasty!

wildflower, Jul 9, 3:42am
I used an email for caramel chip biscuits Nestle emailed me, that was really good.Haven't tried packet recipe yet though.

horizons_, Jul 9, 4:03am
I tried them, but their flavour is revolting. Have given away my packet.

wildflower, Jul 9, 4:58am
You thought their flavour was revolting anyway.

aidan46, Jul 9, 5:05am
I bought them and made the biscuits on the packet. Really didn't like the caramel bits, found them to have a really artificial taste.

supercook, Jul 9, 8:16am
Haven't bought them yet as they are quite pricey $$$$. Sound like might be nice on the top of tan slice !

horizons_, Jul 9, 8:33pm
They taste nothing like the caramel on a tan slice and are quite waxy in texture.

ma51, Jul 9, 8:43pm
I brought these caramel bits and for the price thought I wouldn't buy them again.

My opinion average!

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