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rod2, Jun 7, 8:33am

rainrain1, Jun 7, 8:43am
a right cow i thought

agave1, Jun 7, 8:46am
karma !

geoffnorwest, Jun 7, 8:55am
Yes a bit rude really.She should have just not said anything.

roundtop, Jun 7, 9:04am
Doesnt it make u feel good she dropped her scones!

fifibear, Jun 7, 9:36am
First episode I've seen.what a queen 'B' that one who got sent packing. Arrogant and talentless. bad combination.

kokopuff, Jun 7, 9:37am
Yes she was to cockey and thought she was the best one there.

kokopuff, Jun 7, 9:38am
Yes i was sitting there having a good old laugh

pickles7, Jun 7, 10:07am

tennisfanz, Jun 7, 10:14am
She is right tho esme rocks

kenny92, Jun 7, 10:25am
Silly woman, she is going to feel so 'shamed' when she watches the episode and sees how arrogant she came across as!Emily was the best tonight, looking forward to next weeks final.

music_note, Jun 7, 10:37am
A bit of controversy and troubles on both Masterchef and Home Baker recently!

bambi58, Jun 7, 11:25am
Yes! I thought she was horrible! Moo cow lady, I was so glad she got sent home, she was so smug!

brett21, Jun 7, 11:26am
Dont want to watch it, but what did she say!

gingercrush, Jun 7, 11:57am
Hmm i didn't take it that way at all.

enigma, Jun 7, 12:11pm
Emily is the right cow and deserved it, would love to see her gone a long time ago. I am surprised how matronly they look being 30 and 32.

duckmoon, Jun 7, 12:14pm

I love Esme

This is the first episode that Emily had impressed me

gardie, Jun 7, 6:46pm
I think that you need to have watched each episode and the comments made along the way to see that it all came to this.I felt really bad for Emily.

nicolaas3, Jun 7, 6:52pm
Not called for those comments. she will be embarrassed when she watchesit

rainrain1, Jun 7, 8:29pm
I thought so too, until last night that is

sumstyle, Jun 7, 9:11pm
No one is commenting on Alice feeding scones to judges that had fallen on the floor!(even though this likely happens in most homes)

janine18, Jun 7, 10:45pm
i would be very embarassed if that was me.i thought emily did really well last night.

mwood, Jun 8, 12:05am
yes Emily did excellent Home Baking last night - as for the others - SpongeRoll - how hard is that ! Alice's scones ! LOL

lindy12, Jun 8, 3:45am
sumstyle.I was thinking the same thing.they mentioned the '5 second' rule but its still been on the floor, how gross is that!

beaker59, Jun 8, 4:08am
I wonder how much is editing for effect, Alice was made to look arrogant and nasty from the start how hard is that to portray with careful editing. Some people say wierd stuff when nervous I am sure she can't be that bad.

Edit to add: the judges knew the scones had bounced off the floor and thus it was thier choice weather to taste them or not.

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