TV3 home baker recipes

r123l, Mar 13, 9:54pm
Just made the bread thing they made last week. It was hardly bloody hard recipe to follow. But interestly enough it had 200 gm of flour and 3 t of baking powder to that! ! I did not use the three I did two as did not want to taste baking powder all through it. anyone have any ideas as to why so much baking powder and if it really is necessary. It has risen fine and looks good as I have done but would be interested to know anyones ideas on this

runeaholics, Mar 14, 2:26am
Maybe perhaps the figs and aniseed weigh the dough down, so they want to make sure that it will rise?
Baking powder has hardly any taste, it's baking soda that tastes bitter if you put too much in IMO.

How does it taste?

gilligee, Mar 14, 4:50am
Where did you find the recipes please?

r123l, Mar 14, 6:29am
On the TV3 website. Its ok but I did not make it with figs did apricots

babytears, Mar 14, 6:36am
ohhhhhhhhhh I'm going to make that, looks ggod! Yeah it does look like a complicated recipe to follow... . had to read it couple of times

gilligee, Mar 14, 7:09am
Thank you. I had tried to find them.

duckmoon, Mar 14, 8:27pm
When I do scones, I double the use amount of BP - it makes really light scones.

I suggest that they have so much baking powder to assist in the rising - since it is supposed to be bread, but without yeast and the time required

fruitluva2, Mar 14, 10:51pm
BP does have taste which can be obvious in bread when too much is added.

accroul, Mar 15, 12:51am
That was the 'quick bread' right? It should be more correctly called 'something something scone' rather than bread. Bread is made with yeast, not BP. If you think about a scone, the BP is something like 2tsp for every cup of flour & that is why there is so much BP in the 'quick bread'. I suspect also that the baking time is not very long either so it needs to rise fairly 'quickly' - similar to scones.

susannah, Jul 8, 5:53pm
how come you cant find the hottest home baker recipes on tv anymore??????????