Tin salmon and mussels fritter recipes please

surfernz22, Apr 6, 11:41pm
i love salmon i havestocked up on tins salmon looking for easy tried tasty recipes and a easy mussel fritter recipethanks

clair4, Apr 7, 12:27am
I make fish cakes with tin salmon.So nice and easy.Mash cooked potatoes add 1 egg, little flour, salt and peper, tin salmon.Mix together.Roll into balls and leave in fridge for awhile then flatten and cook in a smal amount of oil until brown.

teddy147, Apr 7, 2:03am
salmon cakes
2 cups masdes taties
1 tin salmon i use a big tin
bunch of chopped parsley
zest and jucie of 1 lemon
1 egg
tsp chilli sauce
bread crumbs and a egg for coating,
combine all ingredents in a bowl add black pepper and mix well. make into small cakes and chill, then egg and crumb them chill for 30 min and fry or grill. sometimes i grated an onionas well.

teddy147, Apr 7, 2:12am
mussel fritters
2 containers of mussel chopped
chopped parsley
1 med grated potato
zest and juice of 1 lemon
black pepper
1 egg
1 and a half cups flour
milkto make thick batter
make batter with flour,egg and milk. add above ingredents and mix, let it stand for 20 mins and cook in oil in TB sp lots. can add a grated onion to this as well

virea, Apr 8, 12:17am
I open mussels fresh (not steamed open) finely chop and add finely chopped onion.pepper and salt. put in bowl and add egg then enough s/r flour and milk to make a nice fritter batter.fry in butter/oil mix.By opening them raw saves them being cooked twice which helps them to be tough

beaker59, Apr 8, 12:28am
This is how I do mine I also add chopped fresh corriander and tomato. Absolutely the best way to do a fritter, as little flour as you can get away with too 1 or 2 tablespoons usually(I don't add milk either the mussel juice is usually more than enough.

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