Soaking the Christmas Cake Dried Fruit

bluetigerrr, Dec 9, 9:13am
Hi there,

When I soak the Christmas Cake dried fruit in rum (as I've just done), I want to do this for 3 days. Do I have to keep it in the fridge or can I leave it out of the fridge! Thanks for your advice in advance.

tiogapass, Dec 9, 9:30am
I woudl have thought out of the fridge is fine - but cover it well eg glad wrap

kinna54, Dec 9, 9:42am
out of the fridge, but in a cool place.

bluetigerrr, Dec 9, 9:52am
Cooool - thanks a lot tiogapass and kinna54 - will take it out of the fridge now :)

cgvl, Dec 9, 9:56am
yes out of the fridge is best if you can. I just leave mine in the preserving pan covered and sitting usually in an out of the way place on the floor. Its fine and I've left it for a week soaking. Give it a stir or shake (swirl) a couple of times a day.

whitehead., Dec 9, 6:05pm
i use wine but any fruit juice will do or soft drink .you can even just was the fruit and drain it it will fuff up and be yummymerry christmas .i also tip about half a cup of sherryor brandyover the cake when it comes out of the oven before taking it out of the pan when its cold

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