blackbriar, Dec 12, 3:45pm
Would it be OK to use my usual sultana cake recipe and substitute the sultanas for mixed fruit?Would the baking time be the same?

weloveponies, Dec 12, 3:50pm
probably, might cook quicker i would imagine.

valentino, Dec 12, 8:50pm
blackbriar, juliewn has a lovely fruit cake recipe that even those whom do not normally eat or like eating fruit cakes will eat and in most instances - eat more than others of this recipe.

Just search through using the username in the search function to locate it.


sjc72, Dec 12, 9:09pm
The Alison Holst Christmas cake recipe is light in colour as it uses white sugar.

jag5, Dec 12, 9:17pm
My hubbie made a xmas cake over the weekend...he likes them really dark (I don't eat it) he merrily mixed everything, licked the bowl and spoon etc when done...popped it in the oven then about an hour later he started swearing and cussing.....he realised he hadn't put the spices in!!!!!Hence a very pale cake, so now daily, we are pouring over a little green ginger wine.He was not happy

dollmakernz, Oct 24, 5:59am
This one has a beautiful flavour and makes a really nice xmas cake, I always like extra cherries in it!
Light Fruit Cake

¾ lb flour½ lb butter1lb mixed fruit
½ lb sugar3 eggs1 tsp baking powder
1 cup water1 dsp cornflour
½ tsp each of lemon, almond, rum & vanilla essence

Make a sauce of cornflour & water on a med heat and let cool. Add alternately with sifted baking powder & flour to beaten eggs sugar & butter. Add fruit & essences.
Bake in a moderate oven (180oc) appx 1½ hrs