Hep please Melford - Your G/F Christmas cake

calista, Dec 12, 4:32am
I really like the lood of this cake and would have no trouble making it if it was for a family member, but I am making it to be given to a g/free family as part of a church thing.Is there annything non-alcoholicI can substitute for the brandy?I know it will lose some of it's yumminess, but I don't want it not to be passed on.

I know Alison Holst suggests using orange juice instead for some of her cakes - is this feasible for this one - at least for the liquid that is poured on the hot cake?

Damn - can't correct the spelling in the title.

noonesgirl, Dec 12, 6:10am
Her recipe is in the l/h message board - 27/11. Key in Gluten Free Christmas Cake, then date posted anytime. Alternatively you can key in her user name in l/h board. Good luck

calista, Dec 12, 6:20am
Noonesgirl I have the recipe (which looks yummy) I'm just wondering about cutting back on the brandy that is poured over the cake.

buzzy110, Dec 12, 6:25am
calista you could heat the brandy and cook out the alcohol so you get all the flavour and none of the alcohol.

calista, Dec 12, 6:32am
Thanks Buzzy - that sounds like a possibility.

noonesgirl, Dec 12, 6:35am
I would use pure orange juice if in doubt. Adds to moisture & flavour. Hopefully melford will see your message & advise

melford, Dec 12, 10:55am
hi callista - there is only 5% of alcohol remaining in the brandy after it has stood for a week. Heating reduces the alcohol content only minimally to 70%. Personally I would still use the brandy as it gives the cake such a wonderful flavour and it also preserves the cake.

auntlb, Dec 13, 7:53am
An alternative to brandy or alcohol is gingerale and orange juice combo - yummy taste too

calista, Oct 24, 3:14pm
Thanks Melford and everyone.

From something a read in another thread it sounds best to freeze this cake, so I will rely on that as well a reduced amount of brandy as a compromise.

I would also be helpful is I had 4 cool days to make my cakes, but I guess the weather is beyond my control.