Christmas cake icing help

dolphinfan, Dec 11, 2:03am
I am cutting holly out of coloured fondant, how do I get it to stay attached to the iced christmas cake??

grannypam, Dec 11, 2:06am
with a little bit of ordinary icing I would think..

dolphinfan, Dec 11, 2:13am
do you mean with more fondant? Could roll a ball of white and squish holly points into it!!!

rosathemad, Dec 11, 3:42am
Usually very slightly wetting the fondant on the underside will make it sticky enough to adhere, but if you are shaping the leaves and there isn't enough flat surface area royal icing would be good at this, though requires making so not a quick fix!

auntlb, Dec 11, 4:41am
Some sugar in boiling water - mix together then cool - use a bit like a glue.Works to stick the icing to the cake too.

shop-a-holic, Oct 16, 9:17pm
Wetting the back of your decoration is just fine, and place it on your already iced cake. Allow three days to dry out... takes that long.