Dairy free and egg free christmas cake

sonyahare, Dec 15, 8:59am
also very cheap, great for people on a budget.

700grams mixed fruit
1 1/3 cups of orange juice ( Raro or and fruit juice)
2 cups of self raising flour.

soak fruit in juice over night.
Add flour and put in a greased tin.
Bake 1 1/4 hours at 180 degrees turn off and leave in for 30 mins.

mac934, Dec 15, 9:03am
Iv made this and its good, hard to believe this works but it does.

nauru, Dec 16, 7:03am
Great recipe, I use this recipe for my Christmas cake. I use a mixture of brandy or rum and apple juice to soak the fruit and leave it to soak for a few days, mixing it every day. I also add chopped nuts and spices with the flour.

dragonstar_nz, Dec 16, 7:06am
yes agree. its very good in fact a friend i know who is egg free/dairy free mother makes it all the time. its a real favourite of hers

suzanna, Nov 3, 8:59pm
This year I made bite size Christmas cakes as well using mini muffin tins and glazed the tops rather than icing them. I used a good rich fruit mix and soaked for three days in a mixture of iced coffee and baileys...actually it was 'poor man's baileys' but worked a treat. I can't remember who posted the ice coffee idea sorry but I did get it off one of the threads on here. People have enjoyed these as a change from a slice of cake.