Nice icing for christmas cake please

smh63, Dec 14, 2:17am
home made that is not to sweet or buttery, dont want a sickly sweet one , thanks in advance

smh63, Dec 14, 6:13am

ribzuba, Dec 14, 6:33am
mix rum and icing sugar to make a glaze?

fifie, Dec 14, 7:19am
Most icing is sweet, glaze cake with a apricot and brandy syrup, put some nuts and cherries etc on and glaze again for a nice shine makes a change from icing..

timetable, Dec 14, 8:15am
i always do a nut topping... lay out the nuts in a pattern all over your cake - put a glaze of warmed apricot jam on the cake prior to putting your nuts on and then cover them with the glaze - always nice and not sweet...

smh63, Oct 28, 3:44pm
some great ideas thanks everyone