Left out spices in christmas cake.

korbo, Dec 6, 7:59pm
in a hurry and had visitors arrived unexpedectly, and forgot to add the spices into the cake. hope it will taste ok.

indy95, Dec 7, 1:30am
I'm sure it will be fine, korbo. I have reduced the amount of spice I put in my Christmas cakes and once or twice just left it out and everyone has still enjoyed them. Or if they haven't I certainly haven't heard about it.

asue, Dec 7, 1:49am
Get a skewer and stab your cake thoroughly and chuck some booze over it

lilyfield, Dec 7, 2:27am
and add spices dissolved in the booze

kinna54, Dec 7, 2:35am
ditto as in posts #3 and #4. Will be fine. Use sherry or brandy.

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