White chocolate cake

suzanna, Nov 27, 12:20pm
I made this cake today to take to chocoholic friend's birthday dinner and it was quite delicious apart from one thing which is puzzling me. Top and middle were cooked perfectly but the bottom had a 'crust' which was very hard to cut through. When I make it again should I double layer the baking paper liner! Should I cook as I do my christmas cake-on a magazine in the oven! Should I try another brand of choc- I used Whittikers. As always would really appreciate any thoughts on the matter.

sarahb5, Nov 27, 8:46pm
Yes, I would double layer the base of your tin - also in my oven it depends how low down I sit the cake, what method I use to cook it (fan or not), etc.I haven't looked at your recipe but did it take a long time to cook!Apparently you can wrap your tin in a double layer of newspaper and that the outside doesn't overcook.

suzanna, Nov 28, 2:12am
Thanks sarahb5. I cooked it on middle rack, bake not fanbake. Will double line the bottom next time. Cheers

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