Anyone ordered a cake from Chocolate Cake Co?

duckmoon, Nov 19, 11:46pm
Any one ordered a cake from the Chocolate Cake Company.
The Wellington branch isn't open on a Saturday... So can't ask them today/

We need chocolate cake to serve about 120 people. - One cake as a "presentation cake" - to farewell a long standing staff member, and the rest as cake to serve for afternoon tea (as well as lots of other food).
My question:
A 12 inch chocolate is described as serving 25-30 people
what is the serving size like? Enough for dessert, or enough to cut into small pieces at a cocktail/drinks event?

(also asked in Parenting where I normally hang out).

tortenz, Nov 20, 12:12am
I would say dessert.

I've had one of those cakes once, and it was really rich!So a little goes a along way.Just looked at one of my books which had a guide for cutting wedding cakes.A 12 inch cake cut up into over 70 1x2inch slices... those are really little obviously, but 'normal' wedding cake size.

tortenz, Nov 20, 12:15am
Oh, and in 'party servings' a 12inch square would do 48, round would do 40.These are 1.5x2inches each... still fairly small.So definitely their 25 -30 people are getting a pretty decent size each, especially for a cake so rich

bellter, Nov 20, 12:24am
I would strongly recommend trying on Willis Street, they are award winners in their bakery, their prices are amazing and the quality of their cakes is superb. We recently bought 2 x 21st cakes on was a choc mud cake for 60 - well worth it and they are so obliging at changing anything from decorations to shapes, flavours - give them a go, you won't be disappointed.

kiwibubbles, Nov 20, 12:58am
i have to second the new world one - the cake they made for my 30th was brilliant - a choc mud cake as well

sandra25, Aug 20, 6:05pm
My wedding cake came from The Chocolate Cake Co - it was awesome. Sorry, can't help tho on the sizes. We had 2 layers for 60 guests, but only used one layer.