Cake toppers - stars on wire,etc - easy to do!

shazzie10, Nov 23, 1:52am
I am curious, are these stars/hearts/numbers, etc on wires difficult to do!Are the starts made out of marzipan! Is there a trick to the whole thing.They look relatively easy but I guess looks can be deceiving. Appreciate any feedback, thank you

krazy_kat, Nov 23, 2:03am
I do chocolate stars on wires - easy, melt choc, pour on baking paper once slightly hardened use a warm star cutter to cut them out.Use a little melted choc to stick wire on and then another star on the back.Easy peesy!

kiwitrish, Nov 23, 2:03am
Dead Easy.They can be made out of fondant, marzipan or flower paste.Cut our your shape quite thick and insert the wire that has been dipped in egg yolk or sugar syrup.This stops them spinning around on the wire.

shop-a-holic, Nov 23, 3:38am
Obtain a good gauge wire. If you use your fondant too thickly, they can bend. The longer the wire, can also cause it to bend. But after a couple of them, you'll get the hang of it. Enjoy!

shazzie10, Nov 23, 7:53am
Thank you so much for your help - much appreciated.I have on watchlist some wire but what size! I think there are 5 sizes.I don't mind a bit of a bend but obviously not too much! I am assuming also that these "stars" have to be left for a few days to "dry".

chicco2, Nov 23, 9:21am
You would need an 18 or 20 gauge.Using pliers, make a small hook at the end that goes into the star.

motgirl, Nov 24, 12:05am
You can bend the wire around a pencil or similar to make these:

tinawal, Nov 24, 7:53am
im glad i read this thread my stars always spin around and didnt know what to do, now i know thanks so much

deus701, Nov 24, 8:22am
For flowers, i usually burn the protective layers off the end of the wire.and when its red hot, i push it through the flowers (the heat will burn through the sugar/caramelise and harden up). Only thing is a wire is so small, you have a small window to do it as it cools down quite quickly.

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