Icing Christmas Cake

stoats, Nov 4, 6:39pm
Can anyone tell me how to ice my cake without the icing breaking up I have even been to cake decorating classes but the blimmin stuff still breaks, I suppose I could use the roll out icing from the supermarket.

chicco2, Nov 4, 9:28pm
Buy Bakels brand from supermarket. 1 pkt should cover a 20cm cake. Dont skimp. Use 2 pkts if your cake is larger. Use cooking spray on your hands and the bench. Roll 2-3 times, then pickup and turn around the icing. Dont flip it over. If it sticks a bit, pick it up and spray the bench again. Drape it over the rolling pin to place it on the cake. Use warm hands to rub out the bumps.

chicco2, Nov 5, 3:42am
Thought I should add that you need to keep rolling until its the right size. Just a couple of rolls, then move the icing and roll again. Let us know how you get on.

gardie, Nov 5, 6:54pm
Definately store bought - and knead until it is pliable before rolling.

stoats, Nov 5, 6:54pm
Thanks very much I will look in the supermarket to see if we they have it and will let you know.

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